Boys’ tennis team places third in DecoTurf championships

After a month of off-season training, the boys tennis team competed in the DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships this past weekend. Hosted at Top Gun Academy in Louisville, 28 teams from around the nation participated in the tournament, each team playing six doubles matches and three singles matches. 

The boys’ team played in the second division of the tournament, along with twelve other teams. Manual placed third in their division, beating teams from Illinois, Arizona, and Kentucky.

“It was the first big competition of the year, and despite the freezing weather and hail, we remained focused and supportive of one another,” Clayton Olash (11) said.

Manual won matches against Brophy High School from Illinois, and Latin High School in Arizona.

“I was optimistic we could pull off a few big time wins,” said Team Captain Alex Menzel (12). “Training played a crucial role in how prepared we were for games and tournaments.”

By: Ian Johnson, Reporter

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