Schedule changes will alter students’ school routines

The district recently announced its approval of a new schedule for the 2012–2013 school year, which comes coupled with Manual’s addition of a fifth lunch to the current lunch schedule.

The new district schedule builds in extra days off for students to account for potential snow days. A school break scheduled for February 25–March 1 will be shortened as snow days occur.

In addition, the school year will begin on August 21, several days after its usual start date, and end on June 5, several days after its usual end date.

The new calendar was proposed at the district level and approved unanimously by the school board. View the 2012–2013 JCPS school calendar here.

A fifth lunch, added to third block, may reduce traffic in the cafeterias and solve seating shortages by redistributing students during lunchtime. To accommodate the extra twenty-minute lunch period, the commute between lunches will be shortened from five minutes to four. Students will proceed to fourth block directly after fifth lunch, instead of returning to class for fifteen minutes as they had previously.

Mr. Larry Wooldridge (Principal) made the decision to alter the schedule this year, after some staff, including Mr. Darryl Farmer (Assistant Principal) and Ms. Allison Hunt (Social Studies), had recommended the change in previous years.


Zoe is a contributing writer and copy editor for RedEye and the Creative Director for duPont Manual’s Crimson Yearbook. She is also Co-President of the Gay/Straight/Transgender Alliance, an Advisory Board member on the Debate Team, editor of The Red Pen, an independent newsmagazine, and is generally talented at making horrifying faces, doing a pretty spot-on Russian accent, and being up very, very late.