In an airplane hangar waiting for Air Force One


The Buckley Air Force Base is fairly sparse – there’s a check-in point, a couple of impressive-looking buildings, a few old jet fighters bolted to the ground for display, and hangars, hangars, hangars. Air Force One, with President and Mrs. Obama, will arrive here at 3:55 Eastern time.

The process of getting press credentials is structured, and it’s done with the air of having done this multiple times before. Several of the journalists here, representing everyone from the AP to the Denver Post, are old hats, friendly with each other and the troops who usher them into the hanger.

Still, this is one of the most important men and one of the most important airplanes in the world, so security is tight. As always, the base escorts the media to the hangar, searches their equipment, and makes sure they stay in one spot until the plane arrives.

After the landing, of course, it’s a matter of getting the President through the debate and his rally tomorrow and then back to D.C. But for the beginning of that process, the journalists, soldiers, and employees of the base sit in the hanger, waiting for him to arrive.

Keep watching for coverage of the President’s arrival.

Emily McConville serves as the Content Director for and the Copy Director for the Crimson Yearbook. Emily wants to be a journalist and plans to major in journalism and political science. She enjoys writing satire, watching Doctor Who, and reading the news. She is also the captain of the speech team.