Manual boys basketball loses to Butler

On Tuesday, January 22, the boys’ basketball team went up against a tough Butler team on Manual’s home court. The Crimsons would eventually come up short, losing 50-66 to the Butler Bears.

Both teams came out of the gates fast. The aggression of the two teams resulted in a high scoring 1st quarter. The Crimsons barely edged by the Bears at the end of the 1st quarter, leading them by a score of 18-17.  “We got off to a really fast start. The only problem was that it’s tough to keep up that tempo all game long,” said Raleigh Dixon (11).

Tempo slowed down tremendously during the 2nd quarter. Both teams scored a combined six points in the 2nd quarter.  The slowed down tempo proved more beneficial for Butler as they pulled away with the win, 66-50.

Regardless of the loss, the Crimsons were proud with how they played overall against a tough team. The team got back on its feet in preparation for its homecoming game against Atherton High School.


Jackson Hull serves as Sports Editor for, as well as Sports Editor for the Yearbook. He plays tennis and cross country, and is also a soccer referee. When he isn’t playing or producing content about sports, Jackson also enjoys playing videogames.