Author Nicole Cushing visits Ms. Ritchie’s Creative Writing class

Cushing read her short story "I am Moonflower" to the R1 Creative Writing class. Photo by Marissa Mitchell.
Cushing read her short story “I am Moonflower” to the R1 Creative Writing class. Photo by Marissa Mitchell.

Horror or “dark” fiction author Nicole Cushing visited Ms. Amy Ritchie’s (Journalism) creative writing class on Feb. 28.

 Originally from Maryland, the now local author visited the class to discuss her short story “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Piggy Class,” which the  students read in class. This meeting also included discussion of Cushing’s background and how she came to be a writer. Cushing explained to the class the difficulties of publishing a piece, as well as how she created an audience for her pieces.

“One of my favorite parts of being a writer is that my audience is not limited in the United States. I can reach readers from around the world,” Cushing said.

After the discussion, the students were given the opportunity to have a Q&A session with Cushing, where they asked her questions such as how to improve their writing, what methods she uses to create her stories and how to write within the genre of dark fiction.

 “There are times when you feel inspired [to write] and times when you don’t. It is a process that builds up over time,” Cushing said.

To wrap up her visit, Cushing read one of her short stories, “I am Moonflower”, and revealed that she recently completed her first novel, which she is in the process of revising.

Max Duvall (12) was moved by Cushing’s visit.

“She was able to give me advice on some of my current writing projects. It was great to see an active example of how quickly a writer can grow in lengthening their pieces while maintaining great quality in their work,” Duvall said. “Meeting someone that far into her writing career was greatly reassuring as I prepare to delve into the field myself.”