Red/White Week continues with Doomsday and the Burial of the Bulldog


On Oct. 23, students dressed in black for Doomsday, the fourth day of Red/White Week. Following a procession led by a bagpipe player at 7:15 a.m. in Center Hall, Mr. Greg Kuhn (Assistant Principal) eulogized the Male Bulldog as part of the annual Doomsday festivity. Hushtags, also part of Doomsday tradition, belonged to the girls this year.

“The fact that we must no longer bear her company is a sure sign that God loves us all,” Mr. Kuhn said in the eulogy.

“I really like [Doomsday] because it’s easy for everyone to get involved,” said Jacob Wislocki (12, HSU). “It’s fairly crazy with hushtags but other than that it’s really fun.”

While some students simply wore black clothes, other planned more elaborate costumes and face paintings such as the grim reaper, sugar skulls and members of the Addams family.

Kinsey Jones (11, MST) painted her face as a skeleton for Doomsday.

“I’ve realized during my time at Manual that Doomsday isn’t much fun when you’re only wearing black clothes. Especially since that’s the color of my choice any other time,” she said. “So this year I decided to change it up. ‘Go big or go home,’ right?”



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