12 Days of Manual: a recap

Look back on RedEye’s first-ever edition of the 12 Days of Manual series, comprising a dozen different holiday-themed articles. View the video,¬†featuring musician Jonah Boutell (12, YPAS), and the lyrics below.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my high school gave to me…

Twelve rams resolving,
Eleven gifts for stuffing,
Ten friends a-shopping,
Nine movies screening,
Eight students planning,
Seven staffers mixing,
Six cookies baking,
Five traditions,
Four staff members,
Three ornaments,
Two different homes,
And a Reagan on a green screen!

Peter Champelli is a co-Editor in Chief of Manual RedEye. Throughout high school he has taken on independent projects such as creating short films and producing the award-winning podcast Synapse, and more recently he has applied his videography skills to making music videos for local bands and artists. During his free time he likes to juggle and practice coding.