Manual student co-creates statewide sports competition.


Olivia Evans (11, J&C) has been training at EDGE Sports Performance since her freshmen year of high school.

This year, along with Tony Duckwall, the trainer and owner of EDGE, Evans has co-created a performance competition called “Kentucky’s Best Athlete Challenge”.

“Athletes from all Sports will be able to compete against each other in tests of speed, agility, endurance and power to see who is Kentucky’s Best Athlete,” Duckwall said.

The competition will be held Dec. 17 at King Louie’s Sport Complex in Middletown.

The deadline to enter the competition will be Dec. 2 and the cost to sign up is $10. Athletes can sign up by calling Duckwall at  (502) 408-3651 or by going to .  

Duckwall and Evans expect many Manual students to enter the competition.

“We’re hoping for a big Manual turnout,” said Evans. “But, we don’t really know what to expect since it’s out first year.”

Click on the links below to see the official flyers for the competition.

EDGE flyer 1

Edge flyer 2

Editors note: Olivia Evans is an editor for Manual RedEye.


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