Find out where the class of 2017 is going to college


In State schools:

Out of State Schools:

State schools:


Private/Liberal Arts schools:


US Military or Reserves:

Haley Just, Nick Dudzinski, Will Lake, Dalton Johnson, Josh Dye, Sophia Korner, Joey Minatel, Jacob True

Kaylee Arnett is a staffer on RedEye this year. She enjoys hiking, swimming, and exploring nature. When she's not out adventuring, she can be found at home with her three dogs.


  1. This is awesome! Is there any way to see a printout of where everyone is going, without having to click on each dot? It would be neat to print it out for graduating senior’s scrapbook, in a list form. (Or in a map form that would populate all the names at once, though that might be hard to do without them overlapping each other.)

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