December 15th, 2017
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Infographic: How to survive graduation

On June 6th, the duPont Manual class of 2014 will graduate This is a guide for surviving all of your senior friends leaving you behind.

OPINION: Antibacterial soap must be regulated

With most containing a pesticide called triclosan, antibacterial soaps may be doing more harm than good and should be regulated.

Male principal under scrutiny after accusations

Students, parents and teachers have been publicly criticizing Mike for his decisions regarding staffing and other issues.

Manual students accepted into GSP and GSA

This year, 24 Manual students were accepted into GSP and 25 were accepted into GSA.

Manual students receive scholarship from Valley Woman’s Club

Ashley Wallace, Brooke Borders and Peyton Walker received a $1,200 scholarship from the Valley Woman's Club.

Racial and gender depictions in ILP consistent with state and national...

A RedEye study analyzed the visual representation of various careers in the software based on pay and gender stereotypes.

Y-club returns from successful KUNA conference

The Manual Y-club reflects on its achievements at the Kentucky United Nations Assembly.

The science of sleep and stress

While it's not news that teenagers are frequently the sleepiest demographic, this may partially be attributed to biology, not laziness.

Examining the pros and cons of charter schools in Kentucky

While funded by public money, charter schools are afforded more administrative leeway than traditional public schools, and many disagree about whether or not they should be legalized in Kentucky.

PTSA introduces Manual Community Closet

The Manual Community Closet will allow underprivileged students to access school supplies, clothing, and other essentials.