College Board to revamp SAT for class of 2017

Changes will include the elimination of some esoteric vocabulary from the critical reading section and the elimination of the wrong-answer penalty.

Yearbooks will be here very soon; last chance to preorder this...

The 2014 Crimson will be distributed at Manual next week; sales of any remaining supplies will start May 23 for seniors and May 26 for everyone else.

Kentucky teachers pursue lawsuit over state pension funds

The teachers, led by Dr. Randy Weick (Social Studies), are seeking to hold the governor and state legislature accountable for $14 billion of missing pension funds.

Pt. 2: This is War (Male VS Manual)

The Male/Manual cypher is here.

HSU to require students to declare majors

The new graduation mandates will be implemented for the class of 2019 and will require HSU students to declare a major by the end of their sophomore year.

Environmental Club to host Day of Action

Environmental Club members will teach students about the harmful ecological effects of styrofoam, and they will ask students to sign a petition calling for the removal of styrofoam lunch trays.

Ms. Cynthia Shiroma: Saluto Magistra Shiroma

“I think at Manual the majority are more serious about their studies.” Ms. Shiroma said. “I really loved being a Bulldog, but I...

Manual inspires students to take action

On Monday, January 9, 2012, senior Jake Sims, along with Matt Garofalo (12) and Allison Traylor (11), took initiative and held a voter registration...

Red/White Week Day 3: Students take up different characters

Students celebrate Costume Day on day 3 of Red/White week.

Advanced Directing class will hold play screenings in Experimental Theater

The Advanced Directing class will be showing their plays at YPAS on Oct. 22 and 23 both during school and in the evening. Here is the list of all the showings.