Extra time over winter break? Apply for scholarships

Not all scholarships are created equal. Check out these unusual opportunities ... you just might be eligible!

Students participate in Twin Day

The second day of Red/White Week, Twin Day, featured students dressed in multiples as everything from eggs, frat brothers and the twins from The Shining.

Student Izaak Prats gets rare opportunity with Google Glass

Manual senior Izaak Prats gets the chance to test out the new Google Glass, and others can donate money and use the device.

Predicting the score of The Old Rivalry

The RedEye sports staff give their predictions on the Male/Manual game. Reagan Roy, RJ Radcliffe and Sports Editor Jack Grossman each predict a winner and a final score.

JCPS implements new grading scale policy

A new JCPS rule mandates that no category comprising a student's final grade should be weighted more than 20 percent.

Manual Visual Arts seniors host the first gallery of the year...

Eight Visual Arts seniors open their first gallery of the school year with their theme "The Pulse Beats red."

Senior Wisdom: Kierra Benford

Name: Kierra Benford Magnet: HSU Memorable moment at Manual?  Red/White week every year, and staying after school. What are your plans after graduation? I'm going to University of Kentucky, and...

Manual varsity quick recall team prepares for Governor’s Cup

The Varsity and JV quick recall teams met in room 226 for a combine practice quick recall match on Wednesday, Jan. 30. After their...

Senior starts Manual subreddit

According to Assistant Principal Mr. Greg Kuhn, administrators will not monitor the subreddit unless they receive a tip that students are posting hurtful comments.

Manual RedEye Teacher Database

The teacher database is a comparison chart for teachers. The chart can help you find more out about a certain teacher or learn more...