March 19th, 2018

BHM: A brief history of black beauty products

Gradually over the years, the beauty industry has been making progress towards even tones for all.

BHM: The cultural significance of hip hop and R&B

Hip Hop and R&B has been an important part of black culture since it's surge in the mid 70's.

BHM, OPINION: How to talk about race

Opinion on why it is important for those who do not experience racism to understand it and learn how to discuss it with people who do.

BHM, OPINION: A history of gentrification has harmed Louisville communities

Racial discrimination in Louisville has resulted in gentrification, damaging communities that have been suffering for decades.

BHM: This Week in History: Feb. 18 – 28

Figures like Angela Davis, Malcolm X and Debi Thomas all made headlines this week in history and deserve revisitation.

BHM, QUIZ: What do you know about these important people in...

Black historical figures had a great impact on history. Take this quiz to see how well you know them.

BHM: Black fashion at Manual

Hear from a handful of Manual students about their individual fashions.

BHM: This Week in History: Feb. 12 – 18

This week, take a look at how integrated busing and collegiate athletics have progressed since the early years of the Civil Rights Movement.

BHM: African Americans in sports history

Historic moments for black athletes in the sports world.

BHM: How athletes have used their voices in the #BLM movement

See how professional athletes have used their public status to endorse the #BLM movement.