February 21st, 2018

OPINION: Reverse racism is not real

The concept of reverse racism does not exist because it violates the definition of racism.

BHM: The Cookie Lady speaks about her black history

Elizabeth Kizito, "The Cookie Lady," tells her personal stories about being an African-American, an immigrant and a business-owner.

BHM: A history of desegregation in JCPS

A look at the issue of segregation in JCPS and the efforts made over the years to improve it.

BHM: A tribute to the month

Manual Redeye opens Black History Month with a tribute.

BHM: The Evans family guide to Cajun cooking

A look into Olivia's family special recipes and love for cooking.

BHM: How athletes have used their voices in the #BLM movement

See how professional athletes have used their public status to endorse the #BLM movement.

Muhammad Ali continues to inspire Louisville community

The Louisville community came together to celebrate Ali's 75th birthday.

BHM, QUIZ: Which best-selling book by a black author should you...

To celebrate the history and talent of black literature, take Manual RedEye's quiz to find out some novels by black authors that align with your reading interests—and then read them!

BHM, QUIZ: How well do you know Kentucky’s African American politicians?

There are and have been many influential African American political figures in Kentucky.

BHM: Attica Scott discusses her political career and racial identity

RedEye reporters sat down with Attica Scott, House district 41 representative, for her views on politics, the black community, education and more