Teen responsible for “Purge” hoax speaks up

The Iroquois High School student’s tweet has garnered the attention of local police and media organizations.

Fern Creek High School students evacuate after shooting

One student was hospitalized as the result of a non-life-threatening shooting injury.

Volunteer organizations empower Ferguson community

See what the Ferguson Youth Initiative has been doing to unite the community of Ferguson after Michael Brown's shooting.

Manual teacher sues Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System

Dr. Randy Wieck is suing the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System (KTRS) for failing to ensure that the state upholds the Kentucky Teacher Retirement Contract.

OPINION: A Derby of Debauchery

A personal testament on the ill-advised activities at Churchill Downs during Derby time.

Sophomores On: World History

AP testing is just around the corner so let's see if the Sophomores have been studying their World History.

Things to do: Thanksgiving Break edition

Check out the Thanksgiving Break edition of "Things to do" with games to watch this break and events to attend.

Manual students participate in local India Day celebration

Students performed and volunteered at the annual celebration of Indian culture on Sept. 27.

Manual inspires students to take action

On Monday, January 9, 2012, senior Jake Sims, along with Matt Garofalo (12) and Allison Traylor (11), took initiative and held a voter registration...

Election 2014: Breaking down the results

The impact of several key results including the Republican's takeover of the Senate, McConnell's re-election and Jefferson County School Board changes are explained and analyzed.