Fern Creek High School students evacuate after shooting

One student was hospitalized as the result of a non-life-threatening shooting injury.

Volunteer organizations empower Ferguson community

See what the Ferguson Youth Initiative has been doing to unite the community of Ferguson after Michael Brown's shooting.

Manual inspires students to take action

On Monday, January 9, 2012, senior Jake Sims, along with Matt Garofalo (12) and Allison Traylor (11), took initiative and held a voter registration...

Election 2014: Breaking down the results

The impact of several key results including the Republican's takeover of the Senate, McConnell's re-election and Jefferson County School Board changes are explained and analyzed.

Pt. 2: This is War (Male VS Manual)

The Male/Manual cypher is here.

Louisville City FC to play at Slugger Field in Spring 2015

Wayne Estopinal, partial owner of Louisville City Football Club, explains why the team never planned to play in the stadium that his architecture firm designed.

Things To Do Dec. 5-Dec. 7

Visit the American Printing House for the Blind this Saturday for the opportunity to make a tactile ornament.

KYA postponed due to weather

The Y-club conference has been moved to February due to hazardous road conditions

Kentucky teachers pursue lawsuit over state pension funds

The teachers, led by Dr. Randy Weick (Social Studies), are seeking to hold the governor and state legislature accountable for $14 billion of missing pension funds.

Things to do during Derby week!

May 6: Derby Festival Chow Wagon, admission free with a 2011 Pegasus Pin. Held at Waterfront Park from 11 am to 11 pm. May...