OPINION: non-English speakers face discrimination in the U.S.

Immigrants who come to the U.S. unable to speak English face discrimination not only in daily life, but housing and employment as well.

OPINION: The problems with Black Friday

The most popular shopping day of the year is not so great, bringing violence and promoting consumerism, impulse buys and overspending.

OPINION: Students could benefit from ‘life skills’ course

Offering a 'life skills' course would teach students useful skills such as how to deal with prejudice and how to effectively manage conflict.

OPINION: Two theories for envisioning a fairer primary process

RedEye editor Patrick Smalley outlines two potential solutions to the current deeply flawed and oft-criticized primary process.

OPINION: Does baseball remain America’s pastime?

In this point/counterpoint-style opinion piece, RedEye staff members Sasank Vishnubhatla and Reagan Roy debate whether or not baseball remains America's primary pastime.

OPINION: Don’t get used to low gas prices

With oil prices at a 13 year low, students commuting to Manual may be pleased by a reduction in gas prices, but the current oil surplus may lead to a recession in the near future.

OPINION: Academy Awards ought to diversify nominating committee, nominees

With another year of nearly all-white Oscar nominees, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ought to take active steps to both diversify its internal membership and the group of actors it recognizes annually.

OPINION: Five words journalism and the social sciences would be better...

RedEye Assignment Editor Patrick Smalley discusses five commonly mis- and over-used words that prevent productive discussion in English and social studies classes.

OPINION: Re-evaluating the NFL’s concussion protocol

In light of the action packed Divisional Playoff round, the NFL’s concussion protocol needs to be re-evaluated due to violent hits and controversial tackles.

EDITORIAL: JCPS threat demonstrates that Louisville community must learn how to...

After the panic following the announcement that JCPS would operate on high security on Jan. 8, Louisville must learn to respond more productively to breaking news.