OPINION: Move over St. X/Trinity: The Old Rivalry is once again...

Both Male and Manual's football teams have turned back the clock, recently re-entering the top tier of Kentucky high school sports.

OPINION: Why young people should vote

With the Kentucky gubernatorial election approaching, it's important to keep in mind the importance of young voters.

OPINION: Weighing the potential effects of Google Fiber in Louisville

Google recently declared Louisville one of its new exploratory cities for Google Fiber, which could potentially increase the city’s Internet speeds 20-fold.

Feminism 101: Meninism

In the first Feminism 101 installment of the 2015-2016 year, Manual students weigh in on the validity of the new internet trend, meninism.

OPINION: A lottery admissions system would hurt JCPS

Dr. Rodosky's plan for lottery admission to magnets in JCPS is not only bad for those magnet programs—but bad for the community.

OPINION: Administration and students should compromise on the dress code

While there are many reasons to reconsider the current dress code, one of the ones that is consistently missed is that there are more important things that Manual should worry about.

OPINION: The problem with news coverage of police brutality

In order to fairly and accurately cover the current movement against police brutality, the news media ought not focus on uncommon, sensational violent riots.

100 Word Rant: Boys’ Field Hockey

Watch the third installment of the series featuring different Manual students' varying opinions.

Guilty Pleasures: Glee

In this new video series, students explain and defend their guilty pleasures. In this episode, Hannah Phillips (11, J&C) defends the TV show Glee.

OPINION: Why the Bechdel Test is the wrong way to view...

Even though many movie critics and movie watchers use the Bechdel Test to judge whether a film is feminist or not, we should be holding films to a higher standard.