January 23rd, 2018

R/W Week 2017: Crimsons’ costumes through social media

Using #RE hashtags, students posted their costumes on social media. Here is a preview of some of their costumes.

R/W Week 2017: Bulldogs beat Crimsons in Old Rivalry game

This year's Male/Manual game was a back and forth for both teams but ended in a tragic loss for Manual as the score was 27-20, Male.

R/W Week: Get to know your Manual Crimsons

See what the football team has to say ahead of the the big game.

R/W Week 2017: CSPN High School Gameday

A panel of Manual students sits down to discuss tonight's game.

R/W Week 2017: Hype Video

Manual RedEye Managing Editor, Fons Cervera, made this hype video to prepare for the Manual v. Male football game.

R/W Week 2017: Who runs the world? Girls

A behind the scenes look into the lives of the athletic trainers who keep the football team moving like a well-oiled machine.

R/W Week 2017: Crimsons go crazy at carnival

Manual celebrated Costume Day and Red/White Week with a carnival.

R/W Week 2017: Students and staff come together for the burial...

Students attended Dooms Day's burial of the bulldog in the auditorium as part of the ongoing Red/White Week festivities.

R/W Week 2017: Seniors surpass the juniors in powderpuff

In this year's annual powderpuff games, the seniors won 30-18.

R/W Week 2017: Rivalries with other schools

Athletes from other Manual teams talk about their own rivalries.