February 18th, 2018
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Seven things to do to apply to college

Learn how to apply to college with seven simple steps.

OPINION: Body language affects your success

Body language could be the reason why some Manual students do not get accepted to the job or college they want.

OPINION: College should be free

As the class of 2018 is preparing their college applications, seniors are worrying about how they will afford college. Their worries are justified. While...

OPINION: Where you go to college doesn’t matter

Senior and Editor-in-Chief Olivia Dawson weighs in on the college decision process.

OPINION: Colleges should stop using the ACT/SAT

While the ACT and SAT are important milestones in every student's education, colleges should not rely on test scores to make decisions about their applicants.

Find out where the class of 2017 is going to college

Click for interactive maps of the senior class's fall 2017 plans

Manual AM: College Application Guide

Manual AM Executive Producer Savannah Schenck shares her tips for effectively crafting college essays, applying for financial aid and seeking out scholarships.

Senior Profiles: Who got into Harvard?

College acceptance letters are coming in so we talk to a senior who has been accepted into Harvard.

OPINION: Why you don’t need to go to the best college

With college students graduating into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, choosing the most highly ranked university may not always be the best choice.

Synapse Episode 4 – The Future is Irrelevant

In this episode of Synapse, Louisville citizens share their musings about the future, how much it matters, and what you can and can't do to change it.