February 19th, 2018
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R/W Week 2017: Bulldogs beat Crimsons in Old Rivalry game

This year's Male/Manual game was a back and forth for both teams but ended in a tragic loss for Manual as the score was 27-20, Male.

Goodbye Rick: How the UofL athletic scandal affects Manual

The University of Louisville suspended to top athletic employees in the wake of a scandal.

Manual boys’ basketball defeats Seneca 88-70

Despite the win, Coach Just hopes to improve upon the team's defense.

Freshmen On: duPont Manual

The Freshmen have now been at Manual for a full semester so let's see what they really know about their high school.

Manual hosts the 11th annual disability fashion show

Mentally and physically disabled children of all ages were able to show off their style at the 11th Annual Holiday Fashion Show.

Gallery: A somber field trip

Every year, Ms. Kederis' Holocaust class takes a one-day field trip to Washington DC to see the Holocaust Museum and other sites.  

VIDEO: Students from Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya visit J&C

High School students from Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya visited J&C last month as part of a Youth Leadership program sponsored by the US State...

The Silent Hill series draws Manual kids in again

On March 13, 2012, Silent Hill: Downpour (the eighth installment of the Silent Hill series) was released. “I did get it that night,” said...