February 19th, 2018
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Students host Day of Dedication rally

On Nov. 18 Manual students gathered to celebrate Day of Dedication

OPINION: The only feminism you should follow is intersectional feminism

In this opinion article, the intersectionality of feminism is analyzed and encouraged.

COUNTERPOINT: The moving goalposts of feminism

Recently, an opinion piece about why the author believed that pro-life women were rightfully excluded from the Women’s March on Washington was published on RedEye. In...

POINT: One cannot be anti-abortion and a feminist

Some anti-abortion activist women feel left out of the Women’s March on Washington Saturday. I think they should be left out.

Feminism 101: Meninism

In the first Feminism 101 installment of the 2015-2016 year, Manual students weigh in on the validity of the new internet trend, meninism.

OPINION: Why the Bechdel Test is the wrong way to view...

Even though many movie critics and movie watchers use the Bechdel Test to judge whether a film is feminist or not, we should be holding films to a higher standard.

Feminism 101: TERF

In this episode, students discuss why TERF, or Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism, is harmful to trans women and the feminist movement.

Feminism 101: The Big V

In this installment, students discuss the concept of virginity and how the way society views it can be harmful to teenagers.

Feminism 101: Gender Roles

In the fourth installment of Feminism 101, students discuss gender roles and the negative effects they have on both men and women.

Feminism 101: Slut Shaming

In the third installment of the Feminism 101 series, students explain the concept of slut shaming and how it can be prevented.