February 22nd, 2018
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BHM: Black queer icons

In honor of Black History Month, these are a few of history’s most iconic queer people.

Speakers share stories of their connection to the Holocaust

Gabi von Seltmann, a Polish artist, and Uwe von Seltmann, a German journalist, came to Manual on Monday to share personal stories about their families' pasts.

Manual AM: Racial profiling

Watch Manual AM producer Meaghan Sutton's second video for Black History Month, including interviews with Manual students about racial profiling.

Manual AM: “I’m Black, But I’m Not…”

Watch the first installment of Manual AM's Black History Month video series, produced by Meaghan Sutton and Hayley Watson.

Juniors On: U.S. History

The junior students are required to learn about their country's history. In this episode of 'Manual On,' the questions asked deal with the beginning of our country's independence.