January 21st, 2018
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‘Almost, Maine’ Trailer

Watch the trailer for the junior theatre workshop to see excerpts from their production.

A Beginner’s Guide to Men’s Prom Attire

Advice for guys in need for prom attire from a fellow tuxedo-wearer.

Junior/Senior Field Hockey Game

Junior Carly Rodman organizes an event, the junior/senior field hockey game, in hopes to raise money for Oxfam, an charity organization that aims to end world hunger.

Manual AM Promposal broadcasted to over 1900 students

Miss the 'promposal' that was shown on Manual AM this morning? Here is what happened inside the classroom.

Juniors On: U.S. History

The junior students are required to learn about their country's history. In this episode of 'Manual On,' the questions asked deal with the beginning of our country's independence.

Seniors prank juniors for final goodbye

This year the traditional senior prank took the form of covering some juniors' cars in mustard, ketchup, vinegar and flour. The combination left a big...

Opinion: Senioritis, or just relief?

The home stretch, the last inning, the final four: I’ve heard everything from my teachers to describe these last four weeks of high school...

The Ridiculam: Manual student only gets a 35 on the ACT,...

Jaws dropped and whispers filled the room yesterday as the next juicy piece of gossip entered the Manual cafeteria: Sandy Jefferson had only gotten a...

Occupy Louisville kicks off at 4th and Jefferson

Day One The atmosphere on the corner of 4th Street and Jefferson Street on Tuesday, October 4th was quiet, almost serene. The people in the...

Manual’s National Merit semifinalists are announced for the Class of 2012

On September 14, it was announced that 43 Manual students are semifinalists for National Merit. Manual is ranked first in the state for National Merit...