January 23rd, 2018
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New religious and political freedoms in public schools under Senate bill...

Religious and political freedoms bill, Senate bill 17 will affect public school students all across Kentucky.

OPINION: Why I’m glad House Bill 151 didn’t pass

House Bill 151, also known as the neighborhood schools bill, has passed the House of Representatives. Here is why it should die in the Senate.

R.A.M. Sports Talk: Should Louisville have an NBA team?

William Kuhn joins the the R.A.M. Sports Talk staff to discuss the possibility of a national basketball team in Louisville.

Synapse Episode 8 – Making Your Own Mold

In episode 8, Synapse investigates the different types of acceptance and what role these forms play in the big picture.

Opinion: Grimes/McConnell funds come from all across the U.S.–except Kentucky

Staff writer Shea Dobson explains how the increased influence from out-of-state interest groups is drowning out the voice of Kentuckians in this year's Senate race.

Synapse Episode 6 – Our Twisted World

This episode of Synapse examines the dark and light side of entitlement.

Synapse Episode 5 – Shooting the Messenger: Journalists in Ferguson

In the fifth episode of Synapse, hear journalists' perspectives on the shooting of Michael Brown and its aftermath.

RIDICULAM: First openly-gay racehorse wins Kentucky Derby, inspires questioning stallions everywhere

California Chrome became the first openly-gay horse ever to win the "Run for the Roses" earlier in May.

GALLERY: The Pegasus Parade attracts a large crowd

The Pegasus Parade, part of the Kentucky Derby Festival, had a large turn out on Broadway on May 1.

GALLERY: People come out for the 21st annual Balloon Glow

The Kentucky Derby Festival held the Ballon Glow on Fri, April 25 at the Kentucky Exposition Center.