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Panthers claw the Crimsons

The Pleasure Ridge Park Panthers defeat the Manual Crimsons in a nail-biting game by 14-7.

Tigers pounce on the Crimsons

The St. Xavier Tigers defeated the Manual Crimsons 56-35.

Bears defend themselves against the Crimsons

The Butler Bears defeated the Manual Crimsons by a score of 19-13.

Crimsons win against Western Warriors

A recap of Manual's first win of the season against Western.

Tigers earn their stripes

Recap of last night's football game against Fern Creek.

Manual dominates at track regionals

14 girls and 10 boys qualified for the state level track competition on Monday after their performance at regionals

Crimsons fail to tame Tigers

A recap of Manual's loss to St. Xavier in the football game on Oct. 7.

Crimsons triumph over Tigers

Recap of last nights victory over the Fern Creek Tigers.