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Current events quiz for the week of Oct. 1 – 7

This quiz will test your knowledge over the news for the week of Oct. 1 - 7.

News quiz for the week of Sept. 9 – 15

Our quiz will test your knowledge of news events spanning Sept. 9 through Sept. 15.

New religious and political freedoms in public schools under Senate bill...

Religious and political freedoms bill, Senate bill 17 will affect public school students all across Kentucky.

President Trump hosts Louisville rally

President Donald Trump held a rally in Louisville on Monday with a focus on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act

Pence and Bevin draw a protest in Louisville

Saturday morning a protest took place outside of Matt Bevin and Mike Pence's speech on the repeal and replacement of the ACA.

University of Louisville at risk of losing its accreditation

After an overhaul of the board of trustees, a circuit court case and a new Senate bill one of Louisvilleā€™s two public universities has been put in jeopardy, which may affect Manual students in the future.

Local Republicans celebrate historic victories

At the Galt House, local Republicans celebrated their takeover of the Kentucky legislature and the victory of Donald Trump.

AP Government and Politics data reflects perceptions about Manual community’s political...

Data collected in Manual's AP Government and Politics class hints at a strong liberal majority within the student population.

OPINION: Why young people should vote

With the Kentucky gubernatorial election approaching, it's important to keep in mind the importance of young voters.

Kentucky Senate Race: Meet the Candidates

We run down the major candidates for Kentucky Senators and their strengths and weaknesses.