February 18th, 2018
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OPINION: Minority Report

Representation of Minorities in Mainstream Western Media

Synapse Episode 9 – Erasing Our Future

Synapse investigates social media and its effect on normal interactions in the real world in their first video episode, "Erasing Our Future."

Teen responsible for “Purge” hoax speaks up

The Iroquois High School student’s tweet has garnered the attention of local police and media organizations.

OPINION: If you can’t see it, you can’t be it

Women are currently underrepresented as sources in the media, and that needs to change.

Famous news anchor Jim Lehrer visits Bellarmine

Jim Lehrer discusses his views on modern journalism and politics.

OPINION: Thoughts on Thots

JCPS students have recently been in trouble for setting up explicit Instagram pages.

Social media and students: An administrator’s perspective

Assistant Principal Greg Kuhn offers his insight into the role of school administrators into students' personal lives on social media

Crime me a river: a local TV news critique

Guest writer Grayson Smith explains why local TV stations are focusing too much on crime.