February 17th, 2018
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35 National Merit Semifinalists at Manual

JCPS had 41 total National Merit Semifinalists this year.

College Board to revamp SAT for class of 2017

Changes will include the elimination of some esoteric vocabulary from the critical reading section and the elimination of the wrong-answer penalty.

The Ridiculam: New extracurricular has Male students making their own awards

Male students take their arts-and-crafts abilities a step further.

National Merit Semifinalists announced for the class of 2014

National Merit Semifinalists are announced for the 2014 senior class.

42 Manual students ranked as National Merit Semifinalists

42 Manual students have achieved National Merit Semifinalist level for their high scores on the Preliminary SAT or PSAT. Manual had more semifinalists than any...

National Merit Semifinalists, National Achievement Award Winners, and Hispanic Scholars announced

This year, for the Class of 2013, Manual has a total of 39 National Merit Semifinalists, two National Achievement Award Winners, and one Hispanic...

Manual’s National Merit semifinalists are announced for the Class of 2012

On September 14, it was announced that 43 Manual students are semifinalists for National Merit. Manual is ranked firstĀ in the state for National Merit...