February 22nd, 2018
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OPINION: This Valentine’s Day, remember love is love

Many countries still discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community. Remember that everyone deserves to have a loving Valentine's Day.

OPINION: Rohm & Haas threatens to add to pollution in West...

Rohm & Haas will cause there to be more chemical emissions in West Louisville, causing more environmental racism.

OPINION: Crimson Hour would benefit students

Manual students could use the Crimson Hour to destress, finish homework, meet with teachers or socialize.

OPINION: All Confederate statues should be removed

More cities across the United States should be taking down their Confederate statues, even despite the protests of white nationalists.

OPINION: The problems with Black Friday

The most popular shopping day of the year is not so great, bringing violence and promoting consumerism, impulse buys and overspending.

OPINION: Five words journalism and the social sciences would be better...

RedEye Assignment Editor Patrick Smalley discusses five commonly mis- and over-used words that prevent productive discussion in English and social studies classes.

OPINION: The problem with news coverage of police brutality

In order to fairly and accurately cover the current movement against police brutality, the news media ought not focus on uncommon, sensational violent riots.

OPINION: Parents should place less emphasis on short-term grade-tracking

The prevalence of “helicopter parenting” actually harms children in the long run and prevents them from cultivating the skills they need to succeed on their own.

OPINION: Red/White Week themes should be less repetitive

Red/White Week comes with three yearly theme days and the remaining two change yearly– but this years' twin day and class theme day come as a disappointment to many.

CREATIVE: Overwhelming Generational Problems

A depiction of some theories and insights of high school journalists, produced by the staff of Synapse.