February 22nd, 2018
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RedEye News Recap: Jan. 2018

In this edition of RedEye News Recaps, Piper Hansen and Olivia Evans review the content from the month of January and announce that recaps will begin airing every month instead of every week.

Chalk talk hits courtyard

Chalk messages written on Manual's courtyard give a new input on empowerment.

Feminism 101: Meninism

In the first Feminism 101 installment of the 2015-2016 year, Manual students weigh in on the validity of the new internet trend, meninism.

OPINION: Why the Bechdel Test is the wrong way to view...

Even though many movie critics and movie watchers use the Bechdel Test to judge whether a film is feminist or not, we should be holding films to a higher standard.

Feminism 101: TERF

In this episode, students discuss why TERF, or Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism, is harmful to trans women and the feminist movement.

Feminism 101: Gender Roles

In the fourth installment of Feminism 101, students discuss gender roles and the negative effects they have on both men and women.

Feminism 101: Slut Shaming

In the third installment of the Feminism 101 series, students explain the concept of slut shaming and how it can be prevented.

Feminism 101: Rape Culture

In the second installment of the Feminism 101 series, students explain rape culture.

Feminism 101: What is feminism?

This new RedEye video series will explain what it means to be a feminist, among other women's issues.

OPINION: If you can’t see it, you can’t be it

Women are currently underrepresented as sources in the media, and that needs to change.