Opinion: Manual for Romney

Michael Moorin

[quote]“I look at this campaign right now and I see a lot of folks all talking about lots of things, but what we need to talk about to defeat Barack Obama is getting good jobs and scaling back the size of government and that’s what I do.”[/quote]

The above quote from Mitt Romney shows why he should and will most definitely be the nominee. He knows, as my last piece argued, that a fiscal focus is the only way for the republicans to have even a good chance at getting back the White House.

However, is it enough? I don’t think so. I think that the candidates can talk all they want and simply not win over enough voters to a fiscally conservative viewpoint. It is the responsibility of the Republican voters to do so. So, I will be doing my part by writing these articles to guide the Manual electorate in its decision in November 2012.

I know that, at Manual, the word Republican is a pejorative word. Most Manual students simply can’t even comprehend why any logical, smart person would ever vote Republican. This is so wrong, and I don’t know why this stigma has been put on conservatives. But the truth is that a Romney presidency would be much better for the vast majority of Manual students and their families than another 4 years of Obama. There are 3 simple and compelling reasons below:

1. We are kids. We will inherent the national debt burden. We want the least amount of debt possible so that we can stay alive and try to grow as a nation when we are in charge. Romney will certainly spend less money and decrease the debt more than Obama. This is the simplest and most profound reason.

2. Romney has a clean and pragmatic path to improving our nation’s education. He is for charter schools that break the cycle of failure in poor inner-city neighborhoods. He is for better teachers and more power for schools to fire bad teachers. He was governor of Massachusetts and thus governed over the “Education State” that houses Harvard, MIT, BU, BC, Tufts, etc. He knows the importance of a college education and how an educated populace can drive an economy forward. While Obama throws buckets of money into failing schools that show no improvement, Romney will be creating more paths to a good education, sending more kids to college, and working for a stronger system that can help fix itself from the inside out.

3. Manual kids and their families have an extremely high average income compared to other KY public schools. We are the 1% of the public school system, if you like it or not. Now, we aren’t millionaires either. It’s the middle- to upper-middle class groups that Republicans will be the best for. These people are the ones starting and owning businesses, paying mortgages, and paying for their kids’ college education. For the amount of money that comes into the home, a lot has to go out. Lower tax rates help the middle class the most so that you can keep more of the money that you earn and use it to better your economic situation. We have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world at 35%. Romney wants to lower this to 25% and cut out the loopholes that let only the large businesses benefit from the current tax system while ours suffer under an exorbitant tax rate.

It is very easy to blindly follow the common sense and populist sentiment of the Democrats. But, if every Manual student looked a little deeper and asked the question “Which candidate is better for me?”, many would see that the Republicans better support them. After all, American democracy only works when people vote for the candidate that would best represent them, not the candidate that would best represent other people. If the latter prevails, then the president would not represent the will of the people as a whole but solely the interests of a minority. Vote Republican Manual! This is best for us and for our generation.