YPAS Vocal Department loses a key member

Taylor Browning

Dr. Timothy Glasscock, the YPAS chorus director for eleven years will be leaving YPAS after the 2011-2012 school year. Glasscock will be moving to Bellarmine University to teach choir classes full-time. He had been teaching at Bellarmine part-time while also continuing his position at YPAS. However as a former choir professor, Glasscock did not want to pass up the opportunity to return to teaching at an University, in fears that the chance may never come again.
Although his students are sad to see him go, they understand what this opportunity means. Many find comfort in the fact that he will still be in town and that they are able to call or stop by if they need any advice, or just to visit. “I’m glad that I’ve got to learn from Dr. Glasscock the last two years. I’m sad that I won’t get to learn from him for my entire high school career,”  Natalie St. Clair (10) said. “However I feel worse for the incoming freshmen next year that don’t get to experience his teaching at all. I plan to keep in touch with him, which helps with the fact that he’s leaving.”  

“I am extremely sad to be leaving my beloved students here at YPAS/Manual. I have spent each entire school year, and snippets of my summers with these energetic, talented, and vibrant young people. But just like students, teachers have to grow and change to be complete individuals. So I have resolved years ago to embrace it and look forward with anticipation to what will be instead of looking backward with regret at what has been,” Glasscock said. 

So far there has been no decision on who will take his spot as the YPAS director for next year, but Glasscock is allowing input from students before any final decision. The YPAS department is not letting the news of Glasscock’s departure slow down their hard work. They will have a couple concerts and recitals coming up this spring that is open to the public. “I encourage everyone to come to our last concert in May, because that will kind of be like our farewell to Mr. Glasscock,” St. Clair said.

As YPAS and Manual prepare to say goodbye to Glasscock, he looks forward to the great opportunity of returning to University teaching. “There is no place on earth like YPAS. The people who work here and the students they accept and train will be special to me for the rest of my life,” Glasscock said.