Art Club’s secrets are revealed

Brent Wesley

This Monday morning, there was an astonishing sight for students filling into Center Hall—a large display of oceanic beauty, featuring the god Poseidon. The display, however, was constructed completely of cardboard by a group of VA students.

Many students were impressed by the display. “When I saw it I was amazed,” Mark Reeves (11) said. “The VA kids are really talented.”

The club’s plan was to wow the mass of students who pass the office every day. Each year, VA students brainstorm an idea for their big project during the cold months of winter, planning in secrecy so every student and staff member will be pleasantly surprised. 

The surprise display was built and hidden in the Norma E. Brown art gallery. “No one was allowed to talk about the project until it was unveiled,” Zachary Steiger (12) said. “This was so we could achieve the desired awe factor we strive for.”