Review: 21 Jump Street should be first on your list

Tian Chan

Let’s be honest: when you see Channing Tatum in a trailer for a movie, you go see the movie.

I found myself in this similar situation a few weeks ago when 21 Jump Street’s commercial came on – heaven. Surprisingly, Tatum wasn’t the only aspect of the movie that caught my attention. Jonah Hill, a comedian well-known for his roles in the infamous Superbad and Knocked Up, is always a treat to watch with his unique humor and sarcasm.

21 Jump Street is an action-comedy about two young adults who join the police force and the top-secret jump-street unit, whose purpose is to attempt to investigate drug rings by posing juvenile cops as high school students. Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) use their youth to their advantage and try to scope out a drug dealer in the high school – but they are both surprised by how high school has changed, and how dangerous their new mission is.

Judging by the commercials, you may assume this movie is for immature teenage boys—this is not the case. There are some unexpected sentimental twists (I’m not guaranteeing that you will tear up like I did), but you may find more emotions mixed in with the comedy than you expected. Despite what others may think, this movie does have some depth to it, exploring the change of culture and stereotypes in high schools. Tatum and Hill have perfect chemistry as the dumb attractive jock and the self-conscious, insecure nerd. Although it sounds cliché, they form a winning combination.

Another great thing about this movie is that I feel it can reach a wide range of audiences. Anyone from ages 16 to 60 would enjoy this hilarious, action-packed movie. I 100% pass my recommendation on to anyone who wants a good laugh with some childish humor.