StARTing with Home: Chad Gray, the Derby City Artist

Kelsee Bryant

This local artist, Chad Gray, has lived in Louisville his entire life. He went to elementary, middle, and high school in Louisville as well as attending Sullivan University to study the arts. Chad has always been recognized as an artist and has won several awards for his art, even as a child. He is known as Derby City Artist and his website is here.

Like in all of his signature paintings, he uses so many different bold colors. The strokes in this really stand out to me because it gives the painting a sense of motion, which works because it’s a dance. I really like the shading on the ground and the shading in the dresses, as well as the half-made faces.

This painting reminds me of Starry Night because of the strokes in the sky and the lights from the building. The painting definitely does a good job at showing of Louisville, because it even has the Yum! center on the left. I like the messy look this has; it works well demonstrating Louisville’s atmosphere.

This one also embraces Gray’s typical style of oil painting. He blends different colors and strokes into one but he makes sure you can clearly see the different colors. I love the circles that resemble either rocks or water below the fish, it’s creative and unique. The fish are also extremely well done. This one is definitely my favorite.