Cardinal Boulevard Construction


Cardinal Boulevard has been under construction for the past couple of weeks . A three-foot brick wall is being built in between the senior parking lot and Cardinal Boulevard. its being built to add to a cleaner more updated look around the UofL campus and the Manual campus as well.

Renee Groulx (12) “I think is a pretty good project for them to do, i also think that it will make manual and the UofL campus look way better and keep out all of the UofL students that always tend to park in our lot that takes away spots that us seniors need.”

But even though it may look better and keep out unwanted students there re some concerns about traffic on the street and within the senior parking lot.

“I think this whole project is just really great and it will make our school look better and it will match the school better. UofL previously proposed it and were thinking about building it but they put it off and decided to do this year and the were paying so i didn’t mind it saves us money,” Principal Larry Wooldridge said. 

Even though the project may take a little while, it will improve the look of the school and the overall campus.