Mr. Corey Doak: “Like the Tree but with a ‘D’”

Mr. Corey Doak joined the duPont Manual staff this year as a Geometry teacher.

Doak taught Algebra 1, AP Statistics, and College Algebra at Jeffersontown High School for three years, and math at the University of Akron in Ohio for one and a half years before coming to Manual. “Considering all the programs the school offers, I figured there would be a draw for many different students. I enjoy the diversity in the students,” Doak said.

Doak doesn’t have his own classroom. He travels around from room to room with his cart. He said the classroom situation doesn’t affect his curriculum, but it does force him to get organized. “Over the summer, I had to buy binders, folders, and a little case to keep all my papers in since I knew I would be traveling with a cart,” Doak explained. “If you saw my desk last year, you would think I left the window open.”

“He is really funny, and he talks to us like we are people; not just kids in a classroom,” Maranda Sutton (10) said. “Today he said, ‘I see shapes,’ in the Sixth Sense voice.”

Maranda also said that Doak knows Spanish and Italian. “All of my formal education in Spanish was what I learned in high school. My wife teaches Spanish at J-town, so she keeps me in check fairly well. Italian, on the other hand, I taught myself over the course of two years. I am hardly a fluent speaker in either language, but I could get around Spain or Italy if needed, which I did two summers ago,” Doak explained.