Textbook mishaps in the first couple of weeks

Mesa Serikali

From the first day of school, students were lined down the hallway of the book room to receive books that were missing from their schedule or to return the wrong ones. “We experience these problems every year, but we work on making it better, and it will get better,” Assistant Principal Mr. Greg Kuhn said. Mr. Kuhn plans on holding meetings with teachers, working on better communication and getting schedules out earlier to ensure smoother book distribution.

Every year, the numbers of books get smaller and different classes have more students interested in them. “There really is no way to predict how many books we need each year until we know how many students sign up for that class; we may have more students than books,” said Mr. Kuhn. “New books are being ordered; they should be here in one or two weeks.”

In previous years, the books were placed in the students’ lockers for easy access and less confusion. Other years, students just picked the books up themselves at orientation from piles. However, this year was different and much more difficult. The books were placed on desks in homeroom classes on the first day. “Schedules were one of the main problems we had. The books couldn’t be put in lockers like previous years because it would be a lot of physical labor that we didn’t have,” said Rebecca Braden, a parent volunteer.

Others experienced problems with the number of books they received. “I got two of the same book and it ended up being another student’s book, and a lot of other seniors got freshman books as well,” said Tya Maine (12).

The late delivery of books was due to the excessive changing of schedules and administrators not knowing how many students would be in which classes. “It’s really hard to say what is missing or what we need until all the students return the books that they don’t need. But I do know for sure that within the next week we will be ordering books for people who are still missing them,” said Braden.