On the Sidelines: Senior Field Hockey Players Eye College

Patrick Frentz

Hello Manual sports fans, this year I will be taking you behind the scenes of Manual sports. As you know, there is so much more to a team than wins and losses. Through this blog you will be able to take a closer look at all of Manual athletics.

The defending state champion field hockey team has several seniors looking to play at the next level. Here is a look at the seniors who are looking to play in college and where they are in the recruiting process:

Kelsi White: White is currently the only player to commit so far. Last February, she gave her verbal commitment to Miami (OH). Miami is a division 1 team playing in the MAC. What I found really cool is what she told her dad during her freshman year, that she could see herself going there. Miami was the first school to make an offer to Kelsi but she said other schools were interested in her too, including Davidson and Yale. Also interested in her was Maryland, who is currently the #4 team in the nation…wow. But Kelsi felt right at Miami. “I loved the feel of the school and the campus, it’s a great academic school,” she said.

Hannah Kingsbury: Kingsbury’s recruiting scenario sounds something like you see with a football or basketball player. Hannah was on the verge of committing to Central Michigan (a division 1 school in the MAC). But then, she lost her scholarship because of her “bad attitude”. UofL also took away her scholarship for the same reason. Obviously, Hannah didn’t take this lightly. “I felt awful, at one point I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to play college hockey,” Kingsbury said. But, she decided she has come too far to give up on her dream and I respect her for that. She is now currently talking to Ohio and Villanova and hopes to receive offers from both.

Grace Cockrum: Grace is looking at schools from several different divisions. Two of her “top 3” are Centre and Transy which are both division 3 schools. Saint Louis is the other school in the three, but Saint Louis is division 1. She says she has offers from other schools but these are the main schools she is considering. This is her top 3 because, “they’ve made the most contact with me and I like their laid back style, but will still be playing competitive hockey.” I know if I were her,I would be all over the division 1 offer, but the other schools are closer to home.

Meredith Bell: Meredith wants to play college hockey for sure. However she is looking at d3 schools because of the more laid back atmosphere. She has visited Lynchburg and has heard from the coach at Centre.

Clare Grady: Grady has one offer from Transy. However, she is also interested in Centre, Wittenberg, and Rhodes. These 3 school are supposed to be coming to watch her play a little more in an upcoming tournament.

Kathryn Hardesty: Hardesty is unsure if she wants to play college hockey or not. However, she might play, and is also communicating with the coach from Centre.

Alice Darling: Because Alice played lax in the spring, she said she is very behind in the recruiting process for field hockey. If she ends up playing, it will most likely be a late commitment or a walk-on scenario.