More summer league swimmers for Manual’s 2012-2013 season


Members of Manual’s swim team have prepared for the new season by swimming for local club teams. Coach J.C. Barnett expects that around sixty of the eighty members of the team this year will swim for teams outside of Manual.

“The number of club team swimmers has always been around 35-40, but this year the number of summer league swimmers has jumped from 12-30 since 2009,” Barnett said.

Club teams that the students swim for include Lakeside, Plainview, and Douglas Hills.

However, most people think that being on two swim teams can be too demanding and the swimmers’ grades would suffer. To avoid this problem Barnett and the Lakeside coach get together every season and make sure no practices or meets overlap.

“I love swimming for Lakeside and Manual because I get to swim year round and it’s awesome that both my coaches meet to make my schedule easier,” said Peyton Greenberg (10). “I have been swimming since I was 10 and it is my passion.”