Live blog: The Second Presidential Debate

Julian E. Wright

President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney return to the debate ring tonight with Mr. Obama looking to redeem himself from the last debate and Mr. Romney looking to keep up the momentum he’s built. The town-hall debate is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. ET. Here is our live blog.

10:38 PM: In the final answer of the debate, Mr. Obama jabs Mr. Romney on his “47%” comment.

10:34 PM: Final question: What is the biggest misperception that Americans have about you as a man and a candidate?

10:33 PM: How do you convince US companies to bring manufacturing back to this country?

10:31 PM: Just a couple of minutes left and no mention of Mr. Romney’s “47%” comment.

10:26 PM: What plans do you have to bring jobs back to the US and keep them here?

10:16 PM: And the audience applauses. Mr. Romney questions Mr. Obama on whether he said if the Libya attack was an “act of terror” or “spontaneous demonstration”, Mr. Obama tells Mr. Romney “please proceed”, Crowley chimes in saying the President did, in fact, say it was an “act of terror”,  Mr. Obama replies with “can you say that a little louder, Candy?”

10:06 PM: Conversation pivots to personal finance. Mr. Romney responds to attack on investing in companies in China, asks Mr. Obama if “checks his pension”, Mr. Obama quips back by saying “no, it’s not as big as yours… I don’t check it that often.” Conversation ends with Crowley telling Mr. Romney to sit down.

10:05 PM: Conversation moves on to immigration, Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama contrasting views.

9:54 PM: More than halfway through the debate, and not a mention of foreign policy or the September terrorist attack in Libya.

9:51: PM: What has President Obama done to earn my vote in 2012?

9:50 PM: Current speaking times: Mr. Obama: 22:17. Mr. Romney: 19:33.

9:46 PM: What is the biggest difference between Romney and Pres. George W. Bush?

9:43 PM: Mr. Obama pivots question to Romney’s stances on woman’s reproductive rights. Here comes the back and forth on the “War on Women”…

9:37 PM: In what ways do you plan to rectify inequalities in the workplace for women’s pay? Mr. Obama almost immediately cites the passing of the Lily Ledbetter Act.

9:36 PM: Both candidates on their feet, with Mr. Romney going back and forth with Crowley over time.

9:28 PM: After Mr. Romney said “you’ll get your chance in a moment, I’m still speaking” to Mr. Obama – the media pooler covering Mr. Romney says there was an “audible gasp in the hall at Romney’s brush off of the president there.”

9:18 PM: Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney getting very confrontational… both on their feet and verbally sparring. The two have been talking directly to each other. They even come close to each other physically for a few moments.

9:12 PM: Do you agree that it’s not the job of the Energy Dept. to lower gas prices?

9:10 PM: Question from Crowley: What would you do for the long-term unemployed who need a job now?

9:07 PM:  Mr. Obama indirectly throws attack line at Mr. Romney, “… back when Gov. Romney said ‘let Detroit go bankrupt.'”

9:03 PM: First question of the night: How can you reassure me that I will be able to support myself after I graduate?

8:55 PM: Moderator, Candy Crowley of CNN, takes the stage to polite applause and tells the audience: “You have a front-row seat to history.”