Manual student goes all out for Doomsday


Students gather around the casket to listen to the eulogy given by Assistant Principal Mr. Greg Kuhn. Photo by Mesa Serikali

Graham Manuel

Yesterday, students came into school wearing black attire for Doomsday. Some students came in with a black shirt or black pants, many wearing both and even black shoes but a few students went a little bit farther then everyone else, they went all out. These students came up with costumes that helped them stick out and show as much school spirit as possible. One of those students was Kristen Lauterbach (12).

“I found an old costume that I wore when I was elementary school and knew that I could make it work,” Lauterbach said. The costume was a gothic bride that Kristen paired with her mom’s shirt to make what students called a great doomsday outfit.

The costume’s most noticeable feature was a cone shaped spider web that went around her waist to almost the bottom of the floor. This brought up an interesting question before first block this morning. How was she going to sit down? Lauterbach said “I drove to school like this so I’ll find a way to sit down.”

Lauterbach also had an addition to the costume for Doomsday, a red hush tag which she believed she worked very hard to keep. She said she was focused on keeping her hush tag for the entire day. While most people were lucky to keep their hush tag past second block, Kristen kept hers until third block when someone took it from her. Even though someone stole her hush tag, she continued not to talk to guys for at least the rest of the block.

For popular ways to take hush tags on Doomsday, check out the infographic on the hush tag war … -tag-wars/.

Can you top Kristen’s costume? Feel free to comment below.