Manual Crimsons defeat Male at football, bringing the barrel home once again


The duPont Manual Crimsons beat the Male Bulldogs in their annual football game which started at 7:30 p.m. on October 19, 2012 at Male High School. The score was 24-14.

Male and Manual have had a rivalry for 117 years, and Friday, Manual took the barrel home again.

Jocelyn Porter (11), a fan, said, “The red/white week really pumped up our team and fans, and this year we beat Male at their own homecoming game.”

The game is one of the most important events for Manual High School bringing in a huge crowd of students, teachers, parents and alumni as well.

Hayden Vinegar (10), a Manual football player, said, “Even though we had a bad record over the season, we came into the Male game not even thinking about it. The biggest focus was that we needed to beat Male and bring the barrel home to our friends and the school itself.”