Manual football loses in playoffs

Jackson Hull

Last Friday, the Manual Football team traveled down to Madison County to play in their first playoff game. The Crimsons couldn’t pull out the win against Madison Central, losing 40-21.

Madison County started out strong, scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter. Since Manual got behind early in the game, it was difficult to get back in the game. “It ultimately just came down to how we started the game. They just came out stronger and we couldn’t dig ourselves out of that hole,” said Dishan Romine (12).

This loss was the end to the 2012 Manual Football season; and for seniors, the end to their high school football experience. For those who aren’t planning on playing college football, it was especially emotional. “I’ve played football all my life, it’s just sad to see it come to an end,” said Andre Scruggs (12).

Though it was a tough loss for seniors, the underclassmen know that they need to step it up for next season and stay hard at work. Players plan on staying in shape by conditioning and weight lifting during the off-season. “We’re already heading back to the weight room this Wednesday. It’s crucial that we stay fit and strong all year round,” said George Daily (11).