Varsity quick recall team remains undefeated after third win

Manual’s Varsity quick recall team won all of its matches on Wednesday, October 24, against Male, Eastern, and Ballard during the third week of the bullet round. The scores were Male: 32, Manual: 47; Ballard: 35, Manual: 70; and Eastern: 34, Manual: 58. Eastern hosted the matches for the four schools.

Century literature was the topic of the matches held last week. The questions ranged from important authors to book titles.

The team has not lost one match yet since the start of the season on October 10. “Male was the only school that we had any difficulties with,” David Ferguson (12) said.

Ms. Cynthia Shiroma (Latin), the team sponsor, has been distributing new study guides every week and insured that the team gets at least one practice match per week. “All of the study guides, questions, and practice (quick recall) matches are finally paying off,” Ms. Shiroma said.

Following its victory, the team had a week off of quick recall.