Manual seniors talk about first time at the polls


Ashley Burkett

Nov. 6 became a landmark date for many seniors this year. Those who turned 18 prior to election day were entitled to register to vote. Because it was their first time, seniors had unique experiences to share.


I didn’t know what to do at first and it was nerve wrecking. I was pretty upset [about the outcome]. I feel like Mitt Romney could have done better.” — Mitch Hook (12)

It was interesting. I was excited even though I had no clue what to do. I was very disappointed that Romney lost.” — Chaz Brunner (12)


I didn’t get a sticker, which had me sort of upset. It’s kind of a right of passage –letting everyone know you did your part. I would have been content with either outcome.” – Alexandria Medley (12)

I believe I had a normal voting experience. It seemed very simple. I felt good when I heard Obama won because I had voted for him.” – Irina Kakovkina (12)

Voting was very easy. We had to vote for some weird offices I had never heard of.” – Zac Jones (12)