Manual Cheer Team hosted their first competition at Manual


The Manual Cheer Team hosted their first competition ever at Manual on December first to fundraise. The competition started at 8:30 AM and 25 teams competed, seven of which are listed as exhibition teams including the Manual Cheerleaders and the University of Louisville Cheerleaders. 700 total cheerleaders competed at the competition.

“We didn’t compete we just did an exhibition which was the best part of Saturday,” said Cameron Mader (10), a cheerleader for Manual.

The money raised is to help cover the cost of big competitions like the UCA Nationals in Orlando, Florida this February that the Manual Cheerleaders may compete in if they succeed in the Cincinnati competition on December 15. The cost of the Florida trip will be $700 for each cheerleader.

“I hope we go. I really think we could do well,” said Alex Revor (10), a cheerleader for Manual.