Manual Swim Team prepares for regional and state meets

Manual Swim Team prepares for regional and state meets


Manual’s swim team is finished with their regular season and are now focusing on preparing for Regional and State championships. A team pasta party will be held on Feb. 6th at member Patrick Wells (12) house.

“The pasta party gets them together as a team while they make posters and things like that. Our swim team is much more beyond just the pool,” said coach J.C. Barnett.

“I am excited for the pasta party because I enjoy hanging out with my teammates but I am also ready for the regional meet. I really hope the boys and girls place first,” said Josh Svoboda (10).

Last year the girls won the regional meet, the boys placed fourth, and Manual won the combined team competition. The swim team members, coaches, and parents are hoping to do even better this year.

“I wasn’t on the team last year but I am looking forward to go to my first pasta party. I think that it is a great way for us to get excited for the important meets that we will soon face. So hopefully the extra team bonding gives us the extra push that we need to take first in all of the categories,” said Ana England (10).