MST freshmen will begin presenting science fair projects

MST freshmen will begin presenting science fair projects


On January 22, Freshman MST students will begin presenting their science fair projects to their teachers and their peers.

“It [the project] was kind of hard, and very time-consuming. I had to write a paper for AP Human Geography over winter break, so I started my science fair rather late. I’m still working on the research paper and the board,” Roberto Bolli Jr. (9) said.

As well as putting on the last minute details, some students worry about presenting for the first time.

“I think a lot of my friends are nervous about presenting,” Minoru Chou (9) said.

In response to entering their project in the regional/national science fair, there are mixed reactions.

Some students are not wanting to enter since it is their first experience. “It’s freshman year, and my first science fair project. I wanted to do the most simplest project i could get my hands on.” Ramya Narawhoha (9) said.

However, there are some hopeful students entering their projects. “I don’t think my project will enter regional or nationals but you never know what may happen. Joys of life,” Chou said.