Overheard at Manual

Julian E. Wright

Do you hear outrageous things in the halls? This new feature, “Overheard at Manual,” compiles the best overheard comments and conversations at Manual The best will be published on RedEye every week. We won’t publish your name, but keep it clean. This new feature is based on sites like Overheard in New York  and Overheard in the Newsroom.

Week of February 11th

Student about Oscar Pistorius, who was accused of shooting his girlfriend: “Just because he has no legs, doesn’t mean he isn’t armed.”

Student to another student while test were being passed back: “You got a 32 percent on your test. I’m worried about your future.”

Student outside the auditorium: “That’s fine, you can have the hiccups. I’ve had heartburn for two days.”

Teacher to student while pounding his fist into his hand: “Hey, how about we go to the gym so I can show you the difference between a man and a boy.”

Student 1: This is SUPER BORING. Not just regular boring. That’s like, boring with a cape.
Student 2: Boring with a cape might actually be pretty interesting.

Lunch lady to student while passing in lunch line: “Wow, that is a really big fajita!”

Freshman boy: “What are the stages of the menstrual cycle again?”

Biology teacher: “Caress the diploid…”

Student: “Will you be my ‘alentine’? It’s ok, you’ll get the ‘V’ later…”

Student art class: “I don’t like pink because that’s the color of your eyes when you cry.”