RedEyed Reader: Beautiful Creatures

RedEyed Reader: Beautiful Creatures

Redeyed Reader

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Oh don’t you just hate waking up short of breath, covered in dirt even though you never left the house, and still reeling from the same dream you’ve had for months? Ethan Wate wakes up daily with sweat covering him, dirt under his fingernails, and the feel of her hand slipping through his still lingering. He can never seem to figure out who the girl is, why he keeps dreaming of her in vivid detail, and why she slips from his grip every  time.
Ethan has only ever cared about getting away from the small, smothering, southern town of Gatlin. Ethan’s life is turned completely upside-down when, on the first day of his sophomore year, he finds the girl of his dreams. Literally.

When Ethan meets Lena, his small hometown just isn’t the same. He will never be able to think of it the same again. To him, Gatlin has become a place full of secrets, lies, and unknown history. Ethan soon realizes that Lena isn’t a normal teenage girl, she is powerful, different, and utterly unreadable. Her sixteenth birthday holds her future, and the days are being counted down by Lena and a dark figure hiding in the shadows. Her path is chosen. Good vs. Evil. Light vs. Dark.

Which one wins out? Will love prevail through the suspense of waiting for the claiming moon? Will Lena be able to handle her growing power? Can everyone survive?

Don’t wait for the movie to come out (though I am thrilled that I get to see it on February 14). When I bought the book on Monday afternoon, I literally could not put it down. My teachers were not too happy when I ignored the homework they assigned, but I  was thrown into a world that is magical and vivid. I had dreams of living in Gatlin and being a part of their world. Garcia and Stohl have a way of throwing you into the story and letting you live through it for an exciting and exhilarating experience. I declare this book worthy of your time. I would rate it an 11 out of 10.